Pine-Soot Ink Stick
Pine-Soot Ink Stick
Pine-Soot Ink Stick
Pine-Soot Ink Stick

Pine-soot Ink Stick

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The pine soot ink stick is made from the burnt pinewood. Unlike many other inks, it does not fade easily when exposed to light and is why ancient calligraphy painted with this ink still retain their color. Use ink sticks with an ink stone.

Tips on usage:

Water is usually kept in a ceramic container and sprinkled on the ink stone. Use one end of the ink stone to grind in a circular movement with a small amount of water. It's ready to use when the ink becomes very thick and dark. Don't use half ground ink. If a gray stone is needed, add water to dilute it.

Wash out any leftover ink. Using ink left overnight ink will produce inferior tones.

Do not leave moisture on the ink stick. Wipe it immediately with a piece of rice paper

Type: Ink Stick
Material: Pine Soot Ink Stick
Size: approx. 9.7 x 2.3 x 1.3 cm
Quantity: 1 ink stick
Color: Black